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Leadership Ignited: Leadership Development Program for European Pastors

Enhancing Lives. Empowering Leaders. Enriching Churches.

Leadership Ignited: Leadership Development Program for European Pastors
Leadership Ignited: Leadership Development Program for European Pastors


24 sept. 2024, 20:00 – 24 juin 2025, 00:00



Leadership Development Program for European Pastors

Enhancing Lives. Empowering Leaders. Enriching Churches. 

Dear Pastors,

We understand the unique challenges and incredible responsibilities you face every day as you lead your church. 

Leading a small church often means wearing many hats, from spiritual to financial planner, and even community builder. 

It’s a journey that can be both profoundly rewarding and deeply challenging.

That’s why we are introducing our Leadership Development Program for European Pastors. This program is designed with you in mind, offering practical tools, insights, and opportunity to share together as we navigate the complexities of church leadership.

Our Catch The Fire Leaders are passionate about empowering pastors like you. 

From strategies to lead your congregation and healthy lifestyle while building a strong church team, each session is crafted to provide actionable steps and inspiration.

We care deeply about your well-being and your ministry. 

Let's make this happen!

Program Highlights:

Enhancing Lives - Personal Development 

  • Spirit-Led Intimacy: Cultivate deep intimacy with God and be guided by the Holy Spirit in all actions and decisions to build a vision.
  • Balancing Dual Roles and Healthy Lifestyle: Equip yourself to effectively manage family and pastoral activities alongside secular employment, ensuring a healthy work-life balance and overall well-being.
  • Anointed Purpose: Recognize and embrace your anointing for specific purposes in this season, and build confidence when thrown into leadership roles.

Empowering Leaders. Leadership Skills 

  • Creating a Safe Environment: Be a safe leader for your team and your church, ensuring a secure and supportive atmosphere.
  • Trials: Understand and prepare for the three trials: success, failure, and betrayal.
  • Financial Management: Gain insights into church finances to ensure sustainability.

Enriching Churches. Leading a Team 

  • Team Building: Develop an engaged team and effectively manage the stages of team development.
  • Resource Management: Learn to manage your team and volunteer resources efficiently for the best outcomes.
  • Crisis Management: Navigate crises and challenges with effective strategies, and learn how to move beyond crises and conflicts.

Once a month - Last Tuesdays of every month - 20:00-21:30 CET 

Session recorded for later use.

Each session will involve an exchange connected to the topic, fostering interactive and engaging discussions.

Speakers to be confirmed

  1. Sept 24 20:00 CET - Spirit-Led Intimacy
  2. Oct 29 20:00 CET - Balancing Dual Roles and Healthy Lifestyle
  3. Nov 26 20:00 CET - Anointed for a purpose
  4. Jan 28 20:00 CET - Creating a Safe Environment
  5. Feb 25 20:00 CET - The three trials
  6. March 25 20:00 CET - Financial Management
  7. April 29 20:00 CET - Team Building
  8. May 27 20:00 CET - Resource Management
  9. June 24th 20:00 CET - Crisis Management

This program is specifically designed for pastors of small European churches who are seeking effective tools and strategies to overcome challenges and foster growth within their congregations.

This is an add-on to the calls with Michael & Diane Brodeur: Apostolic Mentoring -

If you have a need for internship, you can add your request here:


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