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26-29 May 2023
Experiment a complete transformation

ILSOM (International Leaders School of Ministry) is an intensive 4-day school designed for those who desire to deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

As children of God, we are called to experience Him intimately and make a positive impact on the world around us. This requires us to spend time in His presence, seeking to understand our unique purpose and identity in Him.

No matter our life experiences, past mistakes, current circumstances, or level of relationship with God, His love never fails. He has the power to heal our brokenness, restore our hope, comfort us in our struggles, and transform us from the inside out to empower us to move into our destiny. 

ILSOM provides a dedicated space and time to focus on encountering God and experiencing His depth and power.


This school is an opportunity to grow, learn, and be refreshed, set aside time to meet him and know His depth and power.


Beyond the themes that will be presented, we will spend time in the presence of God to be touched & transformed.​

- Hear the voice of God

- Father's Love

- Physical, spiritual & emotional healing

- Prophetic

- And more...


During the day, we will have worship time, teachings, small groups and ministry time, in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

School in French & English. 

Come hungry and thirsty for more!

ISLOM (3).png
ISLOM (3).png

Steve & Sandra Long have been pastors of Catch The Fire Toronto since January 2006. 

With over 30 years of pastoral ministry experience, they have led four congregations, two of which they planted, before joining Catch The Fire Toronto in 1994. Together, Steve and Sandra have a passionate desire to see people released into their ministry and to make a difference for the Kingdom of God in Canada and around the world, especially in Europe. Their heart is to train a generation of leaders who will carry the torch of God's presence and bring the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to the nations.

For more information on Steve & Sandra:

Geraldine Hayot-Pasquier is driven by a burning passion to see France and Europe set ablaze with the love of God.

Geraldine is a passionate leader who loves to share her understanding of topics such as hearing the voice of God, identity in Christ, the heart of the Father, emotional healing, the supernatural, and the prophetic. She is dedicated to helping people fulfill their destiny. As a pastor at Catch The Fire Lyon, Geraldine actively contributes to the coordination of events in France. Her devotion and perseverance are sources of inspiration for those around her, and she is widely recognized for her role in advancing the Kingdom of God in France.

As well with : Paris House of Worship || Maison de louange Paris, David Webster, Carla Reyes, Paloma Perez and many more...

  • Jeûner et prier avec Elvire Dieny (Janvier 2021)
    Chaque début d'année, nous parlons de résolutions, de jeûner et voir l'année en accord avec les yeux de Dieu ? Qu'est-ce que le jeûne ? Comment jeûner et prier ? Se préparer pour 2021.
  • Se préparer à 2021 avec Elvire Dieny (Janvier 2021)
    Chaque début d'année, nous parlons de résolutions, de jeûner et voir l'année en accord avec les yeux de Dieu ? Qu'est-ce que le jeûne ? Comment jeûner et prier ? SESSION 1 SESSION 2
  • Comment prier en cette saison ? avec Elvire Dieny (Décembre 2020)
    En cette sainson perturbée, apprenons à prier & à recevoir du Père ses révélations. (les différentes façons de prier, l’intercession, apprendre à discerner les temps pour prier) 3 sessions enregistrées en décembre 2020 SESSION 1 SESSION 2 SESSION 3
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